Tethered Drone

With nearly 10 years of accumulated know-how and experience applying UAV systems and subsystems to a variety of industrial tasks and projects, Robonik Mekatronik offers original design and manufacturing of multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles, payloads and software.

Robonik Mekatronik offers unique tethered drone solutions, which enable unlimited flight time and uninterrupted aerial observation, and provide the user with secure, unjammed communication in a matter of seconds. Robonik Mekatronik designs and manufactures military and industrial tethered drone systems, offering real-time, persistent observation and surveillance capabilities to public safety personnel, police and homeland security forces, firefighters, and industrial inspectors, among others.

Each of our tethered drone solutions offers the following:

  • Unlimited flight time
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Secure and unjammable operation
  • Vehicle-mountable ground unit
  • Autonomous-follow feature
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing
  • By offering unjammable, continuous, and secure aerial views, Robonik Mekatronik’s Tethered Drone Solutions are applicable to many fields of work.

    Tethered Drone Solutions can be utilized to capture daylight,thermal, and multispectral aerial-videos and photographs.

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