A Message from the CEO

I founded ZNT Global in 2015 as a national and regional defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems and energy company headquartered in Ankara, Turkey.

The company operates as an equal to and in cooperation with U.S.-based Zenith Quest Corporation, which is the parent of several U.S. companies under my ownership: Zenith Firearms, Zenith Quest International, and ZQI Ammunition. Since 2013, ZQC and its subsidiaries have brought more than $100 million in MKEK-manufactured products to the American market.

From this foundation in the U.S. commercial market, and with a burgeoning network in the U.S. defense industry, I created ZNT Global in order to offer reliable products and services pertaining to defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems and energy, to Turkey and the surrounding region. By combining the talent and experience of my staff with carefully solicited assistance from our global partners, we aim to become the leading provider of these products and services in the region.

As your highly qualified, hard-working and reliable contractor, my company and I are committed to your total satisfaction, and we will deliver it.

Kutlay Kaya
Founder and CEO

  •   Söğütözü Mh. 2176 Sokak Platin Tower No:7 Kat:7
    Çankaya, Ankara, Türkiye
  •   +90 (0)312 219-3002
  •   +90 (0)312 219-3001
  • info@zntglobal.com.tr