Our Engineering and R&D Capabilities

ZZNT Global employs a talented, experienced and credentialed team of engineers that is capable of solving extremely complex problems and managing projects from research and development through manufacturing. The company’s current undertakings stem from three related topics of interest:

  • Alternative and innovative energy systems for unmanned aerial systems
  • Tethered power management systems
  • Avionics systems
  • Payload and thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral imaging systems
  • Hybrid UAS designs
  • Swarm robot and formation flight applications
  • Embedded and ground control application for unmanned aerial systems
  • Ground/sea-air integrated robotic multi-vehicle systems
  • Our company serves the fields related to unmanned systems, especially the mentioned research and development subjects, and carries out engineering applications according to military and industrial standards

    Fuel Cell Technology:
  • The Fuel Cell Technology that we are currently developing:
  • Technology delivery for energy demanding application
  • Landborne, seaborne and airborne solutions
  • Safety and reliability

  • Multispectral Camera:
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Yield Measurement
  • Quality of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Plant Stress Measurement
  • Forest Surveillance
  • Mapping
  • Firefighting
  • Medical Science
  • Mine Detection
  • Archeology and Art History
  • Gemology
  • Pipeline and Power Line Inspections
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